Friday, September 28, 2012

neglect is best served cold...but we're having fun!

Is there really a good thing to say here except... neglect.  Thats what I've done to this blog.  Neglected, forgotten, overlooked.  Any of those apply here.  The word 'busy' just doesn't do it justice, but it's more than that... I've been more than that. 

I've been happy.  I've been healthy.  I've been fulfilled. 

I want so badly to share everything I do with you, my dear readers, but life has a way of envelopping you a cyclone of activities, emotions, and events. 

Just recently, we celebrated our little girls' first birthday.  Her FIRST birthday.  It's been... well, it just doesn't feel like it's been that long.  At all.  It took me weeks to prepare for that one weekend...that one day...where we would have 14 people staying in our abode.  All the preparations to do, things to buy, people to greet.  It's a lot of work.  Before that, we had the summer time to look forward to, and before that, the spring. 

And here we are now, with the first of October just days away... my favorite season in the entire calendar is upon us: Fall.  Something comes alive in me this time of year.  It's a time to hunker down outside and read a good book-- watching the little one toddle her way through the grass while your goof-ball of a dog lopes like a deer through the grass.  It's a time to prepare yourself for the arrival of family, and it's time to savor every moment of your family while you have the opportunity {and quite frankly, the blessing to have...} vacation time from work. 

So, I'll leave you with a little dump of photos from our last few months...and a promise.  A promise to at least attempt to update this dear ol' blog every once in a while.  I've made promises to you all in the past of at least 2 posts a week {!!}, or to show photos of every single peice of stationery I print {!!}, but thats just not a promise I can keep right now.  I might want to show you 5 posts one week, and one post the next... I need a bit of wiggle room, peeps. 

Bella's BirthdayBella's BirthdayBella's Birthday

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