Monday, October 1, 2012

Feed boards

A quick fly by post... the presses got new feed boards over the weekend.  Really, only Gable- the smaller press- got NEW feed boards, the larger press- Beau- got feed boards period, since I bought the press without anything really to speak of in that department; they were so gross I could hardly wait to put some random tool on them and have them crack in half... I wish I were kidding.  
{errm, don't mind the fly swatter...just keeping it real}
{this is beau's boards before cracking in half...flinging grossness all over the room!}
{gable's old feed board}
My father in law, bless that man, he is the best woodworker I know, and he's made countless peices of furniture for his family as well as additions for boats.  I may or may not have casually mentioned the idea of new wood feed boards during his last visit, and he jumped at the opportunity to visit the local lumber yard to poke around their selection.  He came back with several peices of curly maple and got to piecing everything together.  I don't have any photos of this since he did it while I was out, but suffice to say that it took a lot of work: gluing and clamping 3 boards together for each feed board & tray, routing the corners, and furiously sanding everything down... not to mention also staining them a nice medium pecan color for me. 
UntitledUntitledNew feed boards

I was able to polyurethane them myself-- I spray poly'ed them, actually- which was super quick and easy.  3 coats went by in a flash.  I started them on a Friday morning and finished the last coat late Friday night- then installed them on Saturday night after the baby went down for the night.  I can't tell you that was the easiest part, but they are installed and look BEAUTIFUL!  I wanted both of the presses to have something in common, and these feed boards make them family.  I love the result. 
{beau. I gave him some flowers this morning}
There you have it!  New feed boards and trays for my larger-then-life babies.  Back to printing for me...

ps: see the peach ink on Gable... just a little somethin-somethin i'm working on today...

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