Sunday, October 28, 2012

teeniest, tiniest, littlest calling cards

Ladies and gentleman, I have officially printed the teeniest, tiniest, littlest calling cards on the planet.  And edge-painted them.  And they're so adorable, I had to share them with you. 

A few years ago- has it been YEARS already?- a designer reached out to me to help with her daughter's birthday party invitations.  Nothing unusual about that request.  But it's what she wanted me to print ON that really made want to work with her for the rest of my life- if I'm lucky.  She wanted me to print a small bit of text on a paper chef hat for her daughter's birthday party at a bakery.  HOW INCREDIBLE?  Anyway, those were printed way back when and I don't have a copy to show you the awesomeness of it all, but when she reached out to have me print some calling cards for her daughter with 'tiny pockets,'  I was pretty excited. 

We work together on a LOT of projects, and she is always taking me out of my box... like with these calling cards.  A most unusual size of 1.5x2in AND she wanted them edge painted.  Edge painting is a secret each printer holds near and dear to them, so I won't go into how I do it, but I will tell you that it helps tremendously to be able to have super clean and even cuts on your paper before embarking on it- which meant that THIS project was going to be especially challening since I couldn't cut down the 280# stock with my large paper cutter, only my small rotary trimmer.  You can imagine that my first pass at edge painting didn't go so well... but I pulled my big-girl panties back on and tried again, this time trying a new edge painting method and it WORKED.  YOU GUYS, IT WORKED.
ttlcc v2
These teeniest, tiniest, littlest calling cards were printed on pearl white 280# stock in bubble-gum pink and edge painted in a fresh aqua-blue.  I would love to get one of these on the playground...

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