Thursday, June 17, 2010

apologies are in order...

to ALL of my friends, family, and followers. This website, while AWESOME (thanks, Erica!), has some of the worst photography I have ever seen. Yeah- it's pretty horrible.

Never fear folks, I've just purchased a new Nikon dSLR camera!! It should arrive sometime today/tomorrow (we'll see how FedEx comes through for us...) and will be re-photographing just about everything here to re post on the blogsite. Get ready!!

The tyranny of terrible pics is almost at an end. I may actually shed a tear. Of joy.


erica | wicked bride said...

I think your stuff ALWAYS looks fantastic, point and shoot camera or not! Beautiful work is beautiful work! :)

Dancing Pen said...

I agree with the above poster. The beauty of your work always came through. I hope you don't have to redo your glamour shot with Gable that is perfect as is!!!

You will love the Nikon dslr, I have one and it is AMAZING!!!

Elizabeth Bardwell said...

You two are too kind!!! :) THANK YOU!

Dancing Pen: This thing has SO many features-- how in the world do you function with all this fun?!!