Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Vendor Love: Grace Edmands

Oh my goodness. I have had a girl crush on Grace Edmands for a very long time. I've talked about her continuously on this blog- as do alot of folks in the wedding industry. She is, how do I say: Kind of a big deal? Actually, no question mark required. She just is. I got a BEAUTIFUL valentines day card from her in the mail a few weeks back- in her beautiful hand, of course- and I just kind of fell all over myself in love with her again. I remembered that she and I bartered her skills sometime last year: I needed a few words for me & my Husbands' 1-year anniversary photo shoot with a Vow Poster last year, and she needed some new stationery. It's a perfect pairing, no?

Grace Edmands Stationery 2

Grace Edmands Stationery 3

Check out Grace's work here, or just about anywhere on the internet related to beautiful stationery- she is that well connected. I will continue to work with her till the day she shuts her eMail off. :)

1 comment:

Grace said...

Liz!! You are so kind! Thanks so much! Right back at ya sister. I'm so glad we met!