Friday, August 27, 2010

Happy Weekend!

It's been such a long week. I have alot of printing left to do to round out some of the fall weddings I've been working on, and a TON of printing left for my stationery cards, Flora & Fauna, and Lovely Blossoms. The good news is that most of the heavy lifting is finished and now I'm putting the final touches on everything before they hit the etsy shop. I know, I know- I told you all you could see them this week... but next will have to do.

I have been working on our wedding vow poster that I'll be printing next month in anticipation of our anniversary photoshoot {yay!}...I'm going to printing a ton of these and picking the best one for the photo shoot- so it means I'm going to have ALOT left over. I plan on about 50. It's going to be full of tough registration and with 6 colors, I'm going to have some errors. Maybe I can give them away as prizes to people? We'll see what the husband thinks.

I wish you all a GREAT weekend! Mr. B and I will be recovering... we caught the worst of all colds this week and the two of us are dying. Yuck. Hopefully we'll be back up and ready to enjoy this BEAUTIFUL weather upon us. I can't wait!

Till next week, readers!


bcallegra said...

Hi Liz!

Just wanted to wish you good luck on your shoot this weekend and I can't wait to see the pics from it!

PS. Your vows are awesome and I bet they look fabulous letterpressed!

Catalina said...

Wow, those vows are amazing.