Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Taking a small break

The world has exploded with new adventure for us- our baby girl joined the crew on Sunday afternoon and we are simply in LOVE.  All caps.  It means more that way. 

I'll be taking some time off from blogging for a bit while we get to know her more and really enjoy all of her sleepness nights and restful days {ahh, such a newborn}. 

For now, a grainy pic of our baby girl to hold you over-- watch out, she's a looker {we're biased} and already think she is the most adorable baby in the whole world of babies.  I know, bold.  With so much less sleep these last few days, we have very little time to mince words. And... yeah, those socks are pulling double duty for us these days... 
bella-24 hoursBella 24 hours
back in a few days!


Shazzie said...

What a little angel! Congrats, my friend! Life will never be the same :)

Dancing Pen said...

Congratulations Liz!!!! She is gorgeous! I especially love the second pic with her little legs scrunched up. She looks like she is rocking some leg warmers. :)

erica morgan long said...

So dolly! I can't belive how much she looks like Kent! Adorable! Can't wait to see more :)