Sunday, October 28, 2012

Walkers- Halloween 2012, preview

What can I say?  We live in Atlanta, Georgia and The Walking Dead is the new phenomenon of the century-- and it takes place IN OUR TOWN.  That being said, we've decided to transform our home, life, and bodies into walking, brain-hungry, intenstine spilling, walkers.  All of us.  Even baby Bells and my mother who are joining us for the occassion.

Bells is walking now, which... is both a blessing and a fright, but I decided to put her in something that would keep her warm enough to walk around in while at daycare, while also protecting those little knees from falls.  Unfortunatly, that meant little dresses with brain-juice were out of the question, so I found some cheap baby yoga pants at Wal-Mart {of all places} and a cheap white long sleeve shirt to rough up.  Papa Bear tore those little holes and I added in some dripping intestines by way of thick red yarn and blood with fabric paint.
See the inside of the shirt in this last photo?  I did that so those awesome intestines wouldn't rub up against the little-one's tummy and irritate her while at daycare that afternoon  We can thank Papa Bear for donating a horribly old undershirt that I was able to cut up and use as the 'patch.'

For me and the hubs {aka, papa bear}, we just distressed some of our own clothes to save money.  Zombies are normal folk like you and me...only they like to eat brains and walk around all crazy-like, so we just went with that.  I used a dress I bought while I was pregnant and is too big now.  Hubs is wearing some beat up jeans and a shirt he cut up and added some fake blood to.

Incidentally, I met a neighbor who works at the CDC, so now I know where we'll head first in the event of a zombie apocalypse.  There and to the Hummer dealership. 

Outdoor Decor
Oh, this one I had fun with.  Probably too much fun, and the neighbors are going to walk by pointing their finger while looking down; "that one there has lost it," they'll mumble.  I may have.  I may have.  I wanted our house to LOOK like zombies were inside.  We don't typically hand out candy {just sit some outside while we have fun outdoors trick-or-treating}, so I was fine with our doors being closed up-- but I wanted them to look really closed up-- ala Walking Dead style:

Did you catch the doors? 
Those.  Those doors ROCK. And I totally want our double doors to look that. Thankfully, I have a ton of kraft wrapping paper from all my stationery orders and I was able to construct a similar look without actually spray painting our house's doors.  Even though I was tempted.  Very.  Somehow I didn't think the HOA would like that permanent decal on their street.

Stay tuned for the final pics after Halloween on Wednesday!  I can't wait to share our zombie experience with you all.... brains.....brains.....

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erica morgan long said...

Love this! I'm a huge fan of the comic. Was it a big hit with your trick or treaters?